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Über Myth: Man and Woman are the same


Key to deconstructing the ‘Über Myth’

Think again. Dare to be different. And celebrate it!

Men and women are équal, but most certainly nót the same.

(Fun Fact: More differences have been discovered between men and women than between mankind and the Bonobo monkey!)
Being fully aware that we are both equal ánd different, is what makes it all the more festive and attractive.
Within the Love Art Academy of Lovingness we make full use of the desire that has been growing lately among men and women to grow into their ‘manliness’ and their ‘femininity’ more.

‘Dressed down’ version to give you a quick idea of the spectrum
Most women have a feminin essence, a foundation, within them. Most men have a masculin essence. These two are the opposites that attract each other. This is what we long for! The greater the tension, the greater the attraction.
It is inescapable, like magnets. Enough for now about ‘Opposites Attract’ between two people, m/f. More on this later.

The masculine and feminin are also two aspects within ourselves. Developing those two equally makes for a well balanced, full-fledged man or woman. However: One of these is our more dominant side in us and this is precisely the side we want to show more of in our loving relationships, to attract someone who provides a good match from the other end of the spectrum.

If you want a passionate relationship…

In our evolutionary process towards emphasizing the same-ness of the opposite sexe, (where we should have focussed on equality instead) a lot of couples have focussed on being ‘the same’ in a relationship instead of being equal in the relationship. All of our chores and our joys have been shared equally, householdchores, income, etc… Wonderful steps. But… the juicyness has disappeared from most of these relationships… Am I right?
We struggle with our busy daily schedules and our lack of intimacy and passion. Both men and women experience this complaint equally.

Man – Woman
Manly – Womanly
Masculine – Feminin
What is really going on?
The short version? Here it is:

In the beginning… there;s a Man and a Woman: There’s a biological diffrence (body).
Our body’s, brains and hormones are different and they work diffirently.
And there was … Manly and Womanly: this is mostly about social patterns of behavior (mind). How we move and interact for example.
And then there’s Masculine and Feminin: This expresses the polarity and energy between people (Soul) This sprouts: Attraction!
You will learn more and experience more about this at the Love Art Academy of Lovingness.

Attraction… is there rejection as well?
In the Masculine and Feminin it’s easy to see how we complement each other. It works like a magnet, the different polarities attract one another. This is also how it works between men and women (or m-m and v-v) when they embody their masculin (m) or feminin (f) power. Where the differences are slight, there is very little attraction and the love and lovingness between the two will have very little depth. Two people with the same polarity with reject each other…

And then there is friction…
In this timeframe many women have taken on a more masculin ‘shield’: this is what ‘the times’ and ‘progress’ expected of us.
Man have leaned towards a more feminin ‘shield’ for much the same reason. Women have become more decisive and leading, men have become more sensitive and soft, or demure. And based on these shields… we go to war! (She ‘The bitch who calls all the shots’, he ‘the lame duck who’s never really there for you’ …you know what I’m saying?)
They want to return to their ‘rightful’ and more ‘authentic’ place. This is the time we now face. This is part of The Next Evolutionary Step that we have to take together. We are going to do away with our shields and step into our own true powers and develop our strengths fully. Without throwing away the baby with the bathwater or course: we are going to integrate the lessons learned.


More friction and rejection won’t get you to the level of depth that really touches your soul.
A True Lover is going to make sure the soul is fulfilled.
This desire is the same for both men and women.
They are ready to take The Next Step into their masculin and feminin nature.

Manly and Womanly? Masculin and Feminin? Is that like Yang and Yin? Shiva and Shakti?

Maybe you know these terms a little already. For now it’s good to have internalized the idea that both aspects complement each other and that we basically have all of them at our disposal. For example the masculin often takes the lead, is more goal oriented and has a large ‘presence’. The feminin is open and receptive, more oriented on a high level of lovingness. You can see this in the terms Yin and Yang and Shakti and Shiva as well. It is a universal law. Everything on our planet consists of these two aspects. Light – dark, fire – water, winning – sharing, thinking – intuition…

There’s no escaping it. And I think that’s a wonderful thing.

Aantrekking..  is er ook afstoting?
In het masculiene en feminiene zie je goed hoe complementair we aan elkaar zijn. Het werkt als magneten: een plus-pool en een min-pool trekken naar elkaar toe. Zo werkt dat tussen mannen en vrouwen (of m-m en v-v) ook wanneer zij in hun masculiene (m) en feminiene (v) kracht staan. Daar waar weinig verschil is tussen hen, is ook weinig aantrekkingskracht en weinig diepte op liefdes(liefheb)gebied. Twee gelijke polen stoten elkaar af..
En dan is er nog wrijving..
In deze tijd hebben veel vrouwen een meer masculien ‘schild’ aangenomen: dat werd ‘van ons gevraagd’ door ‘de vooruitgang’.
Mannen hebben een meer feminien ‘schild’ aangenomen om dezelfde reden. Vrouwen zijn meer richting gevend en bepalend geworden, mannen meer gevoelig en zacht of afwezig. En op die schilden.. ervaren we strijd! (Zij ‘de bitch die alles bepaalt’, hij ‘het watje dat er niet echt is’.. je weet wel toch?)
Ze willen hun ‘eigen’ en meer complete ‘plek terug’. En die tijd staan we nu voor. Dat is een onderdeel van The Next Step die we met elkaar nemen in de evolutie. We gaan onze schilden afleggen en onze ware krachten gebruiken en verder opbouwen. En daarmee geen kindjes met badwaters weggooien, maar alle verworven wijsheden integreren natuurlijk.

Met meer wrijving en afstoting dan aantrekking kom je niet in de diepte die je soul echt raakt.
Een Liefhebber gaat zorgen dat de soul vervuld raakt..

En dát verlangen is voor mannen en vrouwen gelijk.
Zij zetten The Next Step in hun masculiene en feminiene kanten.

Mannelijk en vrouwelijk? Masculien en feminien?
Zoiets als Yang en Yin? Shiva en Shakti?

Misschien ken je de begrippen al wel wat.  Het is fijn voor nu om een idee te hebben van dat de beiden polen complementair zijn aan elkaar en dat we basicly alles in ons hebben. Als voorbeeld, het masculiene is meer leidingnemend en (doel)gericht en vertegenwoordigd een grote mate van aanwezigheid (presence). Het feminiene is ontvankelijk en open en vertegenwoordigd een grote mate van liefde.
Je kunt dat ook terugvinden in de begrippen Yin & Yang en Shakti & Shiva.
Het is een universeel gegeven. Alles op onze planeet bestaat uit deze twee polen.
Licht – donker, vuur – water, winnen – delen, denken – intuitie..

We ontkomen er niet aan. En dat vind ik een prachtig gegeven.




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