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Being allowed to nourish myself with experiences, exersizes, touch and a sense of wonder, admiration, connection and movement…
Sometimes in silence, other times with words, a laugh and a tear… that everything was allowed (is allowed) to just be is such a blessing. Sandra has touched me with her presence, the ‘theory’ and the exercises, sharing her experiences, touching and being touched, waking me up. This weekend has been a valuable addition to my proces of Being. The safe bedding allowed me to show my vulnerability, but it also it allowed me to feel the ‘Goddess’ and to feel so much at home was truly a relief. I feel, without being able to give words to it, that this weekend has set me in motion and that it, some days better than others, is flowing through me zo wonderfully.
Thank you so much, Sandra

Debbie von Hebel

Sandra has the ability to listen without judgement and give me feedback on my complicated stories in a way that I can understand it in a different way. She challenges me to move forward and into who I really am. She helps me find my way when I’m confused about my masculine and feminin forces and teaches me to live my manliness to it’s fullest potential.
Meeting her is never without consequences. Sandra lives what she tells us, she is the quintessential True Lover.

Boele Ytsma

Entrepreneur, coach, author, public speaker, pionieer, The planteater

Sandra shows me how I can live lovingly in the world, how I can cherish and love myself and others, no matter the circumstances. Sandra inspires me with her work and her words, with her loving presence. She has definately awoken the True Lover in my. And at least as important: I have gained more insight into the role of masculinity and femininity in my life. Sandra sees patterns and processes in this area and can speak clearly about them.
With her love and respect for life, combined with her years of experience and thorough education as a counsellor, trainer and tantrika she has a lot to offer. And she shares it willingly with others. She has given me quite a few insights that have allowed the True Lover in me to grow and flourish and I move through life sorter and lighter now.

Paula Mosterman

Social realtor

I thoroughly enjoy the things Sandra sais. They inspire me often. So much so that I have come to doubt my own life- and professional choices, and I mean this in a positive way. 🙂
Her themes ‘Love and Intimacy’ connect with me on a deep level. I am just now starting to discover, or better yet, am feeling a desire to embark on this journey of discovery. To connect with it more fully.’

Basti Baroncini

Listener and questioner, Listener and journalist

I had a beautiful process in the group. A few of the exercises got me out of my comfort zone. I did go through it in a positive way. I have really made contact with my body (and that of others) in an intimate way, and discovered quite a few things about myself. Short and sweet: It was a day of growing awareness, intimate contact and facing down insecurities.
I feel like I got something worthwhile out of every exercise.
It felt good to get out of my comfort zone and to claim my personal space. I think that I succeeded in doing that. Part of this is that the group was wonderful. Sandra helped create an atmosphere of safety where you could be yourself and show your vulnerability.
That safety is very important. It has meant a number of things: Opening up, feeling my inner strength, meeting people I share values with. If you want to find more enjoyment, more openness, authenticity and intimacy I highly recommend participating in Sandra’s Love Art Academy of Lovingness.


Free agent

Great support by Sandra. Present but not overly so. No judgements. I felt at peace with her. This gave me confidence. I have had an intense experience. Heavy but also very loving. I was able to break through an inner barricade and everything started to flow.
My solar plexus felt translucent and I received a lot of wisdom all at once. My inner knowing speaks to me. If you want more wholeness, selflove, openness and confidence in your life, working with Sandra is what you need to do.
I want more of this! Just to see if I can surrender myself even more or give myself more.
Lovingness, for me, is firmly connected to loving myself.

Agnes Bakker

Project manager IVN and the creative genius behind 'Knitting with Agnes', With Agnes.

The guidance by Sandra felt very safe. Sweet, easygoing and capable. This helped me. I felt cherished and lovingly challenged in a safe setting. And I felt at ease and fulfilled, found it surprisingly easy to share my heartache with the group, I found courage.
If your want to playfully connect to yourself more in your life, you should participate in one of Sandra’s programs. I look forward to working more with her, on breathing and sensuality, so I can get out of my head and into my body.

Feather Female, Unique Jewelrycreations, the Kestrel Falcon.

Ilone Bruijn

Feather Female - Unique Jewelrycreations, The Kestrel Falcon.

Sandra has an experienced passion for bringing people together in a safe setting, to experience the depths of themselves in the connection to others.
She brought her years of experience in different tantric disciplines together with her background in training and counselling to form her workshops and work. In the workshops I did with her I felt safe and protected, so I could experiment with how I can love myself and others. I am happy that I have been able to explore my feminin side more and more.
Thank you Sandra!


I found working with Sandra wonderful and enriching. I enjoy Sandra’s enthousiasm a lot. (It was nothing short of a miracle that she was able to get some noice out of a bunch of Groningers) Her way of stimulating us is very nice, with the right mix of humor and seriousness.
I love how involved she is with the topic. And how well she expressed it. That she has a keen eye for what is going on and is able to make room for it.

Harmien Slier

Theatremaker , The Ladies Slier

The work I did with Sandra has allowed me to connect more with certain feelings (also afterwards). I have been able to validate these feelings and that was very good. Sometimes it got a little too intense for me during the day. I felt that her training was knowledgeable, relaxed and good.


Instructor and owner, Move in Da Zity

Meeting others openly and getting to know myself better that way. This is how I experienced the group with Sandra. I was surprised and amazed to learn how much more power is behind the façade of being careful and considerate.
The day was clearly structured in a safe and detailed way. If you want to explore yourself in connection with yourself and others, the work Sandra and the Love Art Academy of Lovingness is definately worth your while. I met a few men with whom I may connect sometime in the near future, which whom I was able to share on a deeper level than is normally done.
Lovingness is a feeling inside, a warm feeling that the other person is valuable to me and actually that I want to give of myself to that other person and that I want to connect with the other person in a good and intimate way. I’m not talking about sex here, but being close emotionally and sharing your experiences together. Feeling into each other. I’m looking forward to more of this. Connecting on a deeper level, in an atmosphere of silence, through body language and facial expressions.



Love is the true meaning of life, and in spite of it being so essential, it also seems enormously difficult. I did a workshop sexuality with Sandra. What I take away from that most of all is a better comprehension of our roles in society. Specifically in this case, the masculin and feminin roles, who you are as a man or woman and what you stand for. Before I did this workshop I was barely concious of these roles, let alone that I knew how to act upon that knowledge. The result of this was that I was insecure and quite often frustrated, in particular when it came to love. During the workshop I found out more about what that is all about and how I could find my way in it. Now, since I am more concious of this in my daily life, I am a lot more secure, stronger and most of all happier.

I thank Sandra wholeheartedly as she gave the group the opportunity to rediscover ourselves and gave us room to grow in that respect. For everyone who has doubts about love or life (and who doesn’t?) I can highly recommend Sandra!

Alan Lewis

Freedomcoach, Fear no Adventure

“Thank you dear Sandra, for helping me to open my eyes and my heart.
My experience during your session made me see and honour my self in the place that I am, and see and honour also my beautiful partner, so I could hold my self, I could feel deep love and respect for me and for her.
I am already experiencing the results in real life, I feel more present, engrounded, comfortable in my body, in my own energy.
Now it’s easier for me to feel my body and energy, somehow I am more aware, easier to own my feelings and stop projecting and demanding from her, easier to hold space for the feminine dance.
Now is easier for me to communicate energeticaly with my woman,
In silence, accepting and appreciating who I am, surrendering to my own heart without fear.
Dear sister Sandra Pijl, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and your heart with us. Divine Blessings.”



Rubén Navarro Cortés

Artist , Raw Art Ibiza


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