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Tantra en Sandra. 

There are many different flavours and visions within the realm of Tantra. Here is a short insight and feel on how I see and experience Tantra and how I see it gives us so much. Tantra is basically getting into a more intimate relationship, a love affair with yourself, life, and others. You are in a constant and truthful encounter with all facets that occur in your life. It makes life more colourful and more intense.

In the ‘now’, everything is present and occurs.
Nice experiences, and painful or sensitive sensations. Tantra invites you to be aware of all experiences en thereby embrace truthfulness. Becoming more conscious, being with a more intimate perception. Welcoming it all in curiosity and love.

True Loving emerges.
First, you ‘True Love’ is what emerges in yourself. It is about being fully present in the ongoing growth and change that life is. And in that, keeping connection with yourself and your surrounding, as much as possible. You welcome it, and totally feel every experience without trying to hold on to it or pushing it away. It brings consciousness and asks a great willingness to look at yourself and to truly feel your experience in total truthfulness. This is how you generate transformation and growth within.

Tantra doesn’t exclude anything, Tantra is all inclusive
It can unite our conflicting parts and feelings into more harmony. Sexual energy is being used, which is the same thing as our dazzling life energy. We consist of that and we work with that in Tantra. Whether the structures and exercises are sexual oriented or not. All feelings, expressions and emotions are invited, to fall into and see more of the mystery of life.

The intention of Tantra
… is to be able to let the armour we all have build up melt. We can become more fluent and softer. More powerful and more present

Tantra and sex.
Sexuality and experiencing meaningful sex.. True Loving in the widest and deepest sense. Do you have sex to satisfy your (or your partner’s) ego? Or is it a more expanding experience? Do you blend into the images we have about it in society, or can you also surrender to the more meditative way, that opens, makes more sensitive and intimate, relaxes more, gives more freedom? Do you dare surrendering yourself to your masculine and feminine powers to go into an experience that is larger than yourself?

Tantra directs towards finding love and happiness inside yourself.
What we put outside of ourselves as humans and as men and women, consciously or unconsciously: ‘the other’ needs to or has to make you happy. In encountering others there is a lot to experience and it gives a lot of fulfilment, no matter how hard or good it can be sometimes. The truthfulness and depth is what gives the fulfilment. I always say: you don’t owe each other anything, but you do have a lot to offer. More than you think. Being with an other can be a gift; it can make Love a more expanding and deepening experience. Also, by being together intensely in the masculine and feminine poles, you can get an enormous kick-off into Love.

Man – Woman / Masculine – Feminine
In Tantra there is a lot of attention to the masculine and feminine inside us. Actually, these are the core energies of Tantra. It is good to be more complete by developing these both sides in ourselves, as well as to be able to put your core energy first. For most men that’s the masculine core, for most women the feminine. That gives polarity and attraction between them. Also in itself it gives you a lot of fulfilment and playfulness. In all your male or female power. It brings you to great heights and depths in being together, and in more completeness in one self.

I’m also connected to Tantric Moments in Groningen.

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Sandra Pijl is... Puja Love.

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