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I believe that people who become True Lovers, don’t only change their own world, but the world around them as well.

I also believe that deep down, we all know.
And are willing.

In the first years of the path of lovingness I thought of love as a ‘luxury’ instead of the essence of it all. I was wrong and I learned a lot from that misconception. I have now completely centered my life around loving. For me. For ‘the world’.
For men and women, to support them and help them to also become more True Lovers. I have found, both in myself and in others, that life and relationships become lighter and more satisfying, in a way that I hadn’t seen before.

Closer to yourself.
Beyond struggle.

How does essence lead a daily life?
When I first heard this question it was at a Ridhwan retreat, it became essential for me to find the answer to it.
I found it by becoming a True Lover and through more Lovingness.
And I inspire and support others to do the same.
Don’t you want a truly fulfilled daily life?
An inspiring LoveLife?

In my own journey through different types of (training and teaching) work and entrepreneurial pursuits, different types of love relationships, through education and training, through being in full contact with life or quite the opposite, being withdrawn from it, I have discovered that the prime source of suffering is a lack of lovingness.
Our entire system is geared towards affection. We hunger for it.
An important part of lovingness is the male and female energy inside all of is, the masculin and feminin. This, to a large degree, holds the key towards becoming more powerful and vulnerable, to being more open, to loving more deeply, to experience more attraction, to be more lively and more intimate. And these things are our nourishment.

I’ve seen many men and women ‘turn on’ by experiencing all this themselves.
Sometimes it happens in leaps and bounds, sometimes it’s a careful and slow progress with a ‘beginnners’ scepticism: ‘What do you mean masculin or feminin?’ But always the outcome that I live for: empowered, openness, love, presence and seeing the lights come on in their eyes and their bodies.

And I’ve seen happen again and again. When we’re in a place of True Loving, magical things happen for ourselves and for the world.

What keeps you awake at night or what you dream about, as a man, as a woman, in your desire to love more deeply. Really feeling alive! I made it my bussiness.
I have bundled my rich experiences as a careful girl, as a wild woman and as a wizened lady.

My gift to the world
Onward to a world filled with True Lovers
130611-RFD-4025What a joy, such peace, such aliveness.
Every day I feel honored to be doing this work.
And it makes me happy!

Practicing what I’m preaching, preaching what I’m practicing.
I’ve been in that place of resignation and frustration. I know how ‘comfortably numb’ it can be, when you don’t feel as deeply as you deep down know you can do. In intimacy, in your life as a man or woman.
When you feel ‘hmm’ of ‘mwah’ more often than ‘hell yes’ or ‘Oh Yeah’! Even if you’re doing good and fun things.

Not to settle for less. This is precisely what woke me up to be more fully alive. I went completely ‘into it’. In love with myself and going for my passion with complete and utter abandon. Lovingness opens all kinds of portals to who we are and can be.
And now here is Love Art Academy.

Eroticism in my life… feeling love in it’s completeness
I have experienced that a relationship always starts with yourself. Always.
True Lovers bring more beauty and the Art of Lovingness to a relationship and they are open to receiving more within the relationship, and this is also true for the relationship with yourself. I have come to experience this as the most beautiful and firm base in my life.
In doing this I slowly brought eroticism back into my life and colored it with it’s original meaning: feeling love in it’s completeness. Overwhelming!

I studied the Art of Soulful and Soulsexy living and relationships. I’ve fathomed the depth of the polarity between the masculine and the feminin. Sex and spirituality made a deeper connection. Heaven and earth combined.
Not ‘either/or’ but ‘both of them together’.
More spaciousness and connection to my juicyness, authenticity, lust for life. The unbearable sweetness of life in it’s truthfulness (my fuel), and the love that makes everything lighten up. In all her colors. Feeling better than ever!

Wanna know more?
I used to enjoy my work in and for organisations, but I always took into account the person behind the worker or the project. How are you really? How is your life at home? How are you in your relationships? This is where it all starts. Even in my former business, in which I worked literally hands on with customers, (I ran a hair salon long, long ago), I noticed that 9 out of 10 conversations were about how people experienced themselves and their lovelife.
What I enjoyed most of all were trainings and sessions about love. Full contact relationship.
My attention on what makes people tick, what is your personal powersource, your life-energy, sexyness, aliveness.

After I studied counseling for 4 years this itch really needed scratching
I wanted more. I wanted to fully experience ‘me’. I wanted to shiver with excitement. Top to bottom, inside and outside. Feeling life deeply. Feeling deep, intense Lovingness.

I took many classes and trainings, with many different teachers and disciplines and I continue to learn more. There are many beautiful ways and they complement one another. I continue to search for ever deepening Lovingness. Daily in retreats and trainings. I love to be inspired, to be touched deep inside, to learn more. Not ‘just’ Tantra and Tao, but communication, seksuality, bodywork, breathing exercises and indepth study of many forms of relationship.
I’m consciously on this path of Lovingness for over 16 years now. My personal life is also an ongoing and infinite, lively permanent education for me.


Sandra in the spotlight

Just for fun:

– Born and raised in a house above my mothers hairsalon. Always something going on downstairs.
– At one point Punk!, wave and … normal.
– Every week a different hairdo with a different color … then. Puberty
– At 13 dating a 21 year old. Mostly a shy girl, a ‘sweet smile’ with legs.
– At 16, living alone in San Antonio Texas. Foreign exchange student. Senior year Highschool. Some year!
– My first passion was dancing. I love dancing even more than running.
– I love intelligence (with a heart and balls please)
– My body and I are friends. I give her sweet attention and 99% vegetarian and organic food, breathing Buteyko style of late.
– Am from Rotterdam and Groningen, flirt with Amsterdam and love the rest of the planet. Worldchick.
– Live in an old monumental schoolbuilding, my house is the most attractive and stylish classroom in Holland.
– Get a kick out of friends, (theme)parties, dansing, being alone, gooooood loving and living, soul to soul, a perfect breeze that caresses my skin gently and smells like pure love, basking in the sunshine, coccooning in the winter, wine and whiskey, conscious craziness, naked truth and loving authenticity, good little surprises, briliant music, my home made soup.
– Tea always, coffee sometimes. #spoil me with:
– I love the sea. Forest. Fields of heather. Rocks and mountains. City. Fair weather and rainy days. Going on long walks.
– Live together with my cat, her name is Foti. Or puss. A blue Britisch shorthair. She makes sure she gets her cuddles. – – — Taps me with her paws on my arm. Or if I don’t respond quickly enough, my face.
– Have a grown daughter. She rocks!
– Marriage, divorce, single mom, living apart together, poly, shacking up, single… been there, done that. I know many different cohabitation and relationship choices intimately.
– Painting yes! Paint in my hair, my feet on the canvas, fingers instead of paintbrushes… pretty please!?
– Acting yes! Diving headfirst into all aspects of being human. Play, discover, undertand, identify and disidentify, heartfelt, many shapes and sizes…
We are everybody.

When I asked people to name 1 of my important qualities, this is what they said:

an open heart, pure, involved, intense, deep, soft, sensuous, courageous, vigorous, creative, vibrantly alive, exciting, fresh attitude in life, powerful, charisma, thinker, innovative, sincere.


Sandra Pijl is... Puja Love.

Stay tuned for her new website and events under her new name and branding coming Spring 2018!

Create your
juiceful high quality
life & love

Let your intimate powers lead you.
Thrive in all aspects of your life


More english?
But I keep speaking and working in dutch and in Holland as well!
Feel welcome.

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