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Myth 9: I don’t get any (or few) complaints, that means it’s okay between us. Also within our sexlife.


Key to deconstruction

Can your ears hear it? Can your mouth say it? Speak up, listen in.

The feminin inside us (m/f) speaks about feelings and desires. Esspecially women need to learn how to speak out more (yes, really..) Speaking your feelings befóre they pick up an emotional charge with an emotional outburst as a result. Or befóre you withdraw from your partner and with an emotional implosion as a result.
This can seem or be very scary. The result will astonish you. It did me.

A new world unfolds.
A man won’t withdraw anymore, for instance because he hasn’t a clue about what is going on anymore and it’s wearing him out. Instead you’re coming across loud & clear, no more white noise on your channel.

Now the reception: are you open to hearing what is going on? Can you take it in?

If there’s an emotional charge, you’ll automatically go into your defence mechanisms and your chance of getting the message accross is very slim indeed. The ears of the receptor will be less open for what you really want or wanted to say. The word ‘nag’ comes to mind.

Nag and bitch less, say more about what is really in your heart.

When you speak your heart, when you really insert yourself into the dynamics of the relationship: ‘A relationship is the space between two people’, then you take full responsibility for the color and tone of that space.
If you withdraw, for fear of loss or disappointment, you increase dramatically the chances for loss and disappointment to happen.
Everything is vibration and things resonate together: What vibration are you bringing? The vibration of truthfulness or the undermining of just that?

Take more time for sex and look at it with new eyes. A True Lover moves soulful & soulsexy. In freedom. Relaxed.
He’s often in the lead and giving from his heart to her. She’s receptive and in her surrender brings forth love to him.
(And yes, reversing the energy is fun, exciting and playful! Do! Play! But know that in your deepest self you will be touched more profoundly when you move from your own basic energy)

And just for the heck of it, a practical tip: Be all there and Slow Down. Do more with lots less. Make sex the doing of the non doing.
Take her easy.
Magic will happen.


Sandra Pijl is... Puja Love.

Stay tuned for her new website and events under her new name and branding coming Spring 2018!

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