10 mythes Academie voor Liefhebben Sandra Pijl

Myth 5: It may not be perfect, my relationship, or my being single, but it is the best I can hope for.


Key to deconstruction

Don’t settle for less! Go for the good stuff.

The relationship you have or want you can distinquish between ‘good stuff’ and ‘not so good stuff’. You have a choice. If you’re single, have the best relationship imaginable with yourself and your life. That will make a difference and give you fulfillment in the moment, and in your next choice of relationship. A m/f who is filled with (self)love is irresistable to m/f’s who are just like that. No more hollow shells, but fulfilled love. Yummy.

In or within a relationship, choose the best match and don’t be tempted to settle for anything less than what you would want.
That which you know, down deep, to be possible… is possible. And more. Because we only know part of what’s to come, not the whole scope that is there, unfathomable it is. Go for it.
At the same time we have to deal with the here-and-now. That’s where you start. And that means it’s good to look at some tools.

Top 5

  • Take care of being attractive enough by fully turning on your masculin (mostly in men) or feminin (mostly in women) essence in the relationship. The foundation for the attractive m/f connection. To have easiness in a relationship, this chemistry is the cornerstone.
  • Take care of having enough lust for life in yourself. How do you keep your fire burning, and look through the eyes of love when you look at others as well.
  • Make sure you score more than a ‘good enough’ on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels as well as in the area of (physical) attraction.
  • Make sure (certain!) that you share the same basic ideas about how you view the relationship and how you wish to shape it. Checking and double checking along the way is an absolute must. Are we still on course? Or are we in a new situation?
  • When you (have become) are single, experience fully the richness and fullness that this offers you, instead of focussing on the ‘lack’. Desire is a beautiful thing. Dare to invest in your desire, without cultivating the ‘lack’. Celebrate the fulness of your desire and that which you are desirous of: The feelings that belong with this. Desire can be painful. Don’t run away from that, don’t close yourself off from it. There’s a pearl to be found in it. Cherish it whenever you can.

Your quest for a match made in heaven will be succesful. Sometimes the match isn’t there right away: in the meantime you take good care of yourself. And others around you as well. You’re not waiting around, but you are aware of what you want. There is so much in this world to enjoy, don’t get obsessed.
However fantastic a relationship on a higher level can be, don’t let that image and desire get in the way of enjoying the richness of what is already here. Stay connected to that.


Sandra Pijl is... Puja Love.

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