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Myth 3: Our lack of intimacy and contactfulness is normal, it’s part of having a busy life.


Key to deconstruction

Create and use the space for Lovingness!

Making space for Lovingness takes care of restoring and even enlarging intimacy.
To start with: Make sure you have at least 1 moment of true contact. A few minutes in which you take time to really see, hear and most importantly touch each other. As a man and a woman – as Lovers – True Lovers: not like you would a mother/father/colleague/roommate/customer etc.

This is basic stuff. There are no excuses!
Enjoy yourself and your loved one in the contact with each other and see how much the world changes for you.

It’s also good to spend time alone, away from your loved one.
Do this consciously. It enlarges your attraction to each other because it gives the masculin and feminin poles time to recharge. Do things that charge that side of you. What makes you feel more masculin or feminin? Go dan find that, give that extra attention.

Being together all the time depolarizes you can this gives rise to displeasure and neutrality.
Enjoy the anticipation of seeing each other again after recharging, and then enjoy each other!

One more pointer:
Don’t be mistaken about how stress and business can keep you from your desires and affection. We often shut ourselves down more thatn we realize or want.
Restructure your life if there is too much long lasting stress in your life. This is really the key for experiencing Lovingness and more intimacy and connection.
Do something with your body regularly. Bring your body back to life! Embrace it!
Women: Dance! Men: Chop wood!

Let the body show you how to love life!


Sandra Pijl is... Puja Love.

Stay tuned for her new website and events under her new name and branding coming Spring 2018!

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Let your intimate powers lead you.
Thrive in all aspects of your life


More english?
But I keep speaking and working in dutch and in Holland as well!
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