10 mythes Academie voor Liefhebben Sandra Pijl

Myth 1: But aren’t I already a True Lover?


Key to deconstruction

Take a look and check it out!

What is a True Lover?
The Love Art Academy of Lovingness has it’s own views on being a True Lover… our own definition. There’s even a ‘dictionary’

Lovingness, the 10 requisites, from the ‘Lovingness Dictionary of the Academy’

  1. A man or woman who loves to experience a deep level of intimacy with himself or herself, life and his or her lover. They wanna feel Alive & Loving! Whether they are single or in a committed relationship of some form, they go for a higher standard of quality of (love)life.
  2. A man or woman who wants to create or use more space, to taste more fully the juice of life.
  3. Who dares to embrace fully his masculinity or her femininity, living The Next Step.
  4. Who fully goes for making his or her LoveLife Soulful & Soulsexy, They like to be Turned on & Tapped in!
  5. Lovers go for Zest, Lust for life and the Art of Lovingness.
  6. Where water is necessary for your body, Lovingness is necessary for your life, your heart, your soul and The Next Step that we want to see in our lives, relationships and our world. True Lovers know this deep down.
  7. True Lovers no longer believe in their drama, stories and they don’t allow their psychological hangups to play a leading role in their life. They use their body and soul as their compass.
  8. A True Lover is a rebel, shaping The New Relationship: With yourself, with life and with a loved one. A warrior, a wise one.
  9. True Lovers are Making Love to Life!
  10. True Lovers are sensitively sensual, sensually sexual and sexually sensitive.

From lover to True Lover. You know when you want it.
You too have it in you. All you have to do is focus on it. And this is a place where you can do so!


Sandra Pijl is... Puja Love.

Stay tuned for her new website and events under her new name and branding coming Spring 2018!

Create your
juiceful high quality
life & love

Let your intimate powers lead you.
Thrive in all aspects of your life


More english?
But I keep speaking and working in dutch and in Holland as well!
Feel welcome.

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