Love to Love ~ Innocent Intimacy & Sacred Sexuality

October 28-30st


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Innocent Intimacy & Sacred Sexuality

We all love to go into feeling deeper connected, intimate and explore the divineness of our sexuality.
We love to be playful and truthful.
We are all intimate and sexual beings, and we are all innocent and sacred beings. And it all goes together. From Love.

We thrive on Love.
We all ‘Love to Love’.

We offer an intensive and deepening workshop, a field of Love, Innocent Intimacy & Sacred Sexuality. Where we will be exploring and learning, connecting and experiencing a deeper way and divine way to Love.
In this 3 day retreat we will use different Tantric structures, meditations, bodywork, massage, dance, and inquiries, going to the true depth of your Love. All to learn, experience and to take with you.


♥ Really dive deeper into Tantra
♥ Awaken your body
♥ Experience the depth and bliss of Sacredness & Innocence
♥ Learn Tantric Techniques and Energy exchange with yourself and a partner
♥ Open up to more consciousness and presence, to more intimacy and divine meetings. To more aliveness and lovingness.
♥ Learn about your own core and how your sexual energy empowers you
♥ Discover and play with the Feminine and Masculine within you
♥ Learn different meditations to drop into whenever you need to
♥ Explore and experience Sensuality
♥ Bring more Joy & Juiciness into your life
♥ Take in profound touch & massage
♥ Step into Ecstacy & Bliss

Are you ready to dive in deeper into the world of Tantra? Are you ready to feel more alive? Our lust for life comes to blossom as we are more and more alive and sexually open. The innocent soul we are wants nothing more than to be welcomed, to be expressed and fully lived. The intimacy coming from that place, deepening your connection to life, yourself and a partner (future, current or a tantric partner you work with in the moment) will give you the fulfillment we all yearn for.

The workshop is for men and women! You can come with a partner or on your own (you don’t have to be in relationship or work together all the time). We’ll make sure the number of man and woman is in balance. We will have a safe and playful setting where you can explore and relax. You are free to set your own boundaries and explorations at all times. There won’t be sexual activities during the workshops.

You will learn various Tantric techniques and communication skills that are geared towards intimacy and solid connection with a partner. You will learn not to take things personally, while keeping the connection and being truthfull. You will feel deeply connected to yourself and the other.

If you want to experience more completeness within yourself. If you want to discover and play with the Feminine and Masculine within you, to have a deeper fulfilling connection with beloveds of the same and the other sex, and with your self.

You will feel more lively, juicy and delighted. Have more fun, intimacy and sexual flow of energy. Everything is perfectly applicable at home, to make your daily live more delicious. A Truly Transformational weekend! Dive with us!


The workshop will take place at the beautiful and well-known centre Meeuwenveen, the best residential location in The Netherlands, in the middle of green forests and wonderful nature in Havelte.

The adress is:

Meeuwenveenweg 1-3
7971 PK Havelte

We start Friday 28th of October at 11:00 and we’ll finish Sunday 30th of October at 18:00 (program finishes around 16:00 so we have some time for packing)

Regular price:
290,- pp / 550,- per couple.

CRAZY BIRD until sept. 28th:
220,- pp / 430,- per couple.

EARLY BIRD until oct. 14th:
270,- pp / 530,- per couple

Price includes accomodation for 2 nights and lovely vegetarian meals. There will also be healthy snacks and tea during the whole weekend.

!! If you sign up as a couple (opposite sex) you pay the discounted couple price. It doesn’t have to be a partner/beloved, can be a friend. This group is for both ‘singles’ as ‘couples’.

To register, please send an e-mail to Brechtje and you will receive further details: (Dit mag uiteraard ook in het Nederlands ☺)

Your place is reserved when we have received the payment of your fee.
Please be aware of the cancellation policy, we will send to you.

For more details, or for more information about the workshop, you can call Sandra: +31 6 3004 1448 or Brechtje: +31 6 2397 8628.


The workshop will be given by Sandra Pijl, assisted by Brechtje Riphagen and Noah Slot. The workshop will be given in english, unless all participants do speak Dutch. Translation is always possible. And all questions can be asked in Dutch any time.

Sandra is Founder & True Lover at Love Art Academy. As a Sensualista and Tantric teacher, she passionately guided many men and women to get into their fullness, heart & power of their masculine & feminine core. She is a way-shower to lead an empowered and embodied life: spirited, fulfilling, intimate. She has been a Tantrika for over 18 years, worked as a holistic psychotherapist & counselor. She loves to deepen the Art of Loving and Conscious, Sacred and Energetic Sexuality.
With her rich experiences as a careful girl, wild women and wise lady, she brings a Soulful & Soulsexy way to touch people with her high quality work and with her loving and sparkling personality. Sandra is the creator of Tantric Temple Parties. She teaches in workshops, retreats, festivals and private sessions.
Based on Ibiza and The Netherlands, she’s traveling and working all over the globe.
To see the lights get turned on in the eyes & bodies of men and women is what thrives her. Her gateway to divine aliveness, peace and love.

Brechtje (Bhavani Yara) is passionate about the embodied spiritual path of Tantra. Having spent years as a business consultant and founder of a biotech start-up in Holland she found her life full of performance and achievements, but without much joy. The experience of burnout became a turning point in her life. Vipassana meditation and yoga showed her a different, more spiritual and inward path. The discovery of Tao Tantra made her fully experience the richness of softening into her feminine nature. Brechtje studied Tao Tantra in Koh Phangan and Bali with Shashi Solluna. The spiritual embodiment of the Divine Feminine and the deep feeling of connection make her feel fully alive, and she is excited to share this feeling with others! By organizing workshops and retreats, she combines her organization talent and skills with her passion for this work.

Noah Slot is a multitalent and sensitive warrior, finding deeper truth in all aspects of life. Knowing there is a more connecting and energetic world to live from, he found Tantra on his path. He is a natural in adapting new ways, new forms of relating and meeting life from a space of love and with deep insights. He has the gift being close to himself, being present in the moment and in feeling in to where he can bring others deeper. He is passionate about life, loves helping people to shine and a great vegan cook.