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Start with Lovingness.
The rest will take care of itself.

“Sandra allowed me to experience that love really comes into my life easily, when I choose to be in more lovingness.”

A lust for life, intimacy and sexuality are important to you.
Do you want these values to be at the heart of your life?
More than they are now?

Do you want
– to feel Soulsexy?
– your LoveLife to come first?
– to feel that being Turned On and Tapped in is your natural state of being?

This is the place to come to.
This work transforms everyone that is being touched by it.

Getting stuck in the rational side of life? Being comfortably numb? We all have times like that. But what to do? 
Time to invest in more intimacy, freedom and lust for life: a (r)evolutionary trip towards a new relationship with yourself, your life and your (future) loved one(s).

Love Art Academy is a space for you to fulfill your highest potential of man- or womanhood. You will learn the Art of Lovingness and how to get the most out of life.

More True Loving, more Lovingness.
… People love it!

The Tue Lover sidesteps mediocrity and steps into the deepening of his or her daily LoveLife.
They are the men and women who that take The Next Step, in:

Thrill, Lust for Life and the Art of Lovingness


  • You already love your life, yourself and (perhaps) a significant other ánd you want more of it. More love, more lovingness.
  • You would like to be ‘On’ more completely and more often. You want to embody your manhood or womanhood more completely.
  • You want more connectedness, more magnetism, more joy in life. You want less passiveness, less struggle.
  • You love our modern ‘way of living’ ánd you are ready to experience more depth, more of your true nature and essence.
  • You dare to be open, unreserved and curious.
  • You know that there is more to feel and to live into with your body and you want it.
  • You feel free and want to go past mechanical sex, past the ‘stuck in a rut’ kind of sexuality. You want to grow into sexual freedom and see sex as a gateway to ‘divine connection and the divine itself’. Let your body be the embodied expression of love itself.
  • You can or wish to enjoy ‘urban stuff & city life’ as well as meditate, make love, daydream with your bare feet in the grass, breathing the tones of a didgerydoo or sitar, just to name a few things, hah!
  • You want to experience more freedom, more intimacy and more juicyness in your daily life, while fulfilling your highest purpose in the world as well.
  • You want to be more shameless and sexual and go for spiritual enlightenment in the process.

True Lovers…
They own their desires, they focus on living their nature & bliss.


Lovingness… Who would nót want it?
We have schooling for everything, you can learn the most diverse things, but so far it hasn’t been in our education system to be teached in the most important thing in our life: Loving.
Everyone wants more of it, but it seems to be a difficult thing to attain. We let us lead too easily by the idea of what we think of as ‘normal’ or ‘okay’, no matter how much this limits us. We get so caught up in the issues of the day, that we lose sight of what really fulfills us.

The True Lover in us longs for a GO
We are more ‘locked in’ than we tend to think. We often have the best of intentions, we know how important it is and how good it feels when we pay attention to our lovingness. Some go for trainings or retreats to enjoy the fineries of lovingness. And yet: in our daily lives we get caught up in other things and have a difficult time integrating lovingness fully. That True Lover in us. That True Lover that knóws the endless possibilities that you too can enjoy.

Living fully
Many of us don’t feel that their desire to live fully is being met. Life is somehow less than they hoped for, even though there are many beautiful and lovely things to be grateful for. At the same time, they feel like they are ‘missing the point’.
It doesn’t have to be that way. Life is meant to be savoured, to be enjoyed wholeheartedly. Learn to live more fully, with more pleasure and more passion. It will transform your life in many ways.

Love Art Academy helps you get there
and combines Eastern and Western Tantric and Taoist wisdom, based on years of experience and a clear sense of purpose and vision.

In online programs, live trainings and individual sessions you will find the keys to open a gateway to a more loving relationship with yourself, life and your (future) lovepartner. By being fully present in your male-ness or your female-ness and to fully express your loving-ness.

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How does it feel?
Full of life.
Full of healthy & sexy.
Full of light.

You will discover the sweet spot of your male or female existence, find how you can get so much more out of your life and your relationships, while at the same time experiencing more peace and harmony.


Going out of your mind, dropping into your senses.

Masculine – Feminin Masculinity – Femininity
The polarity of the male and female impulses in all of us plays an important part in the Love Art Academy. It is there that you will find the key to total fulfillment and surrender. I have made a study of this polarity for years and it is essential in learning to love more intensely and deeply.
We need both sides of ourselves to be balanced and grow, to feel empowered ánd to enjoy fully the attraction between us as men and women. It’s a vital part in relationships and it’s good to keep this in mind when you’re looking for a partner that is ‘right for you’! (or in same sex relationships, between the masculine side of one, versus the feminin side of the other.


Lovingness covers the entire spectrum

At the end of the day we all want to experience love more fully:

With the power and intention that gives you in all your day to day experiences and life challenges


With the power and intention that gives you on your lovelife

To get there, Lovingness covers 5 aspects in the Love Art Academy.

My work is based on these 5:

1 BRING IT ON  ~ a lust for life, desire and pleasure
2 ME & YOU  ~ being a man. Being a woman
3 LOVE & FEEL THAT BODY  ~ full body awareness
4 CONNECT & GO DEEP  ~ being intimate, full contact
5 MAKING LOVE TO LIFE    ~ sensitivity, sensuality, seksuality


Together they make up your LOVE IQ. Your blossoming, your thriving.
They take you to the Next level!

Are you single or are you in any type of relationship with someone?

You are welcome here. It all starts with you!


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Are you ready to let your inner lover come out to play? Are you looking forward to more and deeper lovingness? Register now for free, at the top or the bottom of the page, for the Love Art Academy of lovingness and become a soulful lover!


Sandra Pijl is... Puja Love.

Stay tuned for her new website and events under her new name and branding coming Spring 2018!

Create your
juiceful high quality
life & love

Let your intimate powers lead you.
Thrive in all aspects of your life


More english?
But I keep speaking and working in dutch and in Holland as well!
Feel welcome.

Discover the True Lover in you!

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