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You want more Lovingness and True Loving in your daily life..
You can!

In various ways.

As a True Lover you go for High Quality Life.
And you live your life as an VIP (Very Interested Person) in your LoveLife.
Therefor, I bring you different VIP possibilities to connect to you and your Next Step!



Workshops & Retreats in Holland, Europe and other great places in the world!

Read here about all possibilities and dates where you can find Sandra and her beautiful workshops & retreats!








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Workshops and Intensives


More dymacics, more connection, more True Lovers that strive to be ‘on’ and lit up more. To Thrill, Joy of life and the Art of Lovingness.
A Next Step to dive deeper into specific themes in a supportive setting.



It’s Fun
It’s Safe
It’s Challenging
It’s Connecting
It’s Love
It’s Profound




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1 to 1

You want to feel more ‘on’.
You want to invite the True Lover in you more and more.
You want to be more relaxed and dazzling in your (Love)Life.
You want to take or explore a Next Step.

for Very Interested People

– Individual VIP sessions, also through Skype

– True Lover VIP Day by yourself or together

Now with introductory offer!


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Online Programs

Working on an online program!

It will cover everything to cherish and feed you in your LoveLife and LoveIQ.

You’ll get daily input to touch on Lovingness in all it’s 5 Aspects.

  1. BRING IT ON ~ a lust for life, desire and pleasure
  2. ME & YOU ~ being a man, being a woman
  3. LOVE & FEEL THAT BODY ~ full body awareness
  4. CONNECT & GO DEEP ~ being intimate, full contact
  5. MAKING LOVE TO LIFE ~ sensitivity, sensuality, seksuality

Wanna be posted as the first to know when this program is being launched and receive a nice special offer?
Then enter now and experience it!


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