3 Ways To Become More Sexually Open

3 Ways To Become More Sexually Open

Wauw, what a great experience the Wild Surrender & Soul Sexy Retreat in The Netherlands was last week.
What a privilege again and again to help bringing people into their truth, power, sensitivity, sensuality and sexuality.
This time a retreat co-teaching with De’a Matuka and with two amazing assistents: Maria Taari and Noes Butter.
A retreat that people experience as truly life changing.
Feeling how becoming sexually open really affects and empowers all levels of their lives.

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Sexually open men and women rock their and the world.
And everybody could see & feel it.
And now all of their friends, lovers, family can see & feel it too!
I’ve heard beautiful stories already. So many transmissions of this wonderful life force energy in all of their lives, and into the world.

Healing the world one woman, one man and one session or retreat at the time?
Nope, it spreads much more, faster and easily.
The only thing is: we all have got to keep it up. Keep on being sexually open, inspiring ourselves and others, healing our own world and the world around us.
The world is in need. We are. Sexually open people shine their light a lot more, and do what needs to be done from their core. Being sexually open is also about being sexually healthy, is also about making healthy choices and having lot’s and lot’s more fun & pleasure in life!
In your own divine way, for a great divine life & planet.



So today I’m sharing  my next vlog: 3 Ways To Become More Sexually Open.
Have a great sexual day!

Men and women are in some sense all scared of sexuality and being sexually open.
It supposably is something you only share with another or project to another. And about being or getting aroused, and that because of the other.
Women often feel drawn back from it because it makes them vulnerable being looked at as ‘available’ and a ‘slut’. Men often feel drawn back from it because it makes them vulnerable being looked at as ‘greedy’ and an ‘agressor’.

What if I tell you to claim back your sexuality for the sake of being fully alive? Being and owning the full man or woman you truly are?
And that it is only about you, a relaxed you, an embodied you, a sensual you. And that… you can bring in to all parts of your life.

Bringing that energy also into your sex life, makes it complete, and not in need.

By keeping away from your sexuality and not being sexually open, you keep away from your biggest empowering force.

By being fully alive, you invite others to be fully alive.
That for sure is a world I love to live in.

How about you?

sexuality and being sexually open




Want to know how to become more Sexually Open?
Watch my vlog and learn 3 ways of Becoming More Sexually Open.



My next stop?
California! For working on the first Tantra Festival in mainland USA.
Helping more people to become more of their amazing sexually open selves.
I’m excited about it! It is a beautiful setting and with great teachers.

Maybe I see you there?
Get 10% off the price mentioning Sandra10 when applying.

Love seeing you soon!


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