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How 10 (+1) Myths can keep you from embodying more Lovingness

How 10 (+1) Myths can keep you from embodying more Lovingness

Well, let me just start by disassembling some things that might be holding you back. Or, to put it in a different way: Let me open up the curtains to shed some light here and there on things that you do. To bring them to light or put them in a different perspective. Not that you haven’t explored enough on your own… I would never say that. But because we get caught so easily. It’s really something … We are so full of ideas and images that we don’t necessarily want or even are aware of. Unconscious of our beliefsystem we don’t allow the True Lover in ourselves to step forward and come closer. We get caught up in thinking about todays issues and disregard the big picture. Not knowing how do change, we keep doing what we already did. In this limited space, deepdown we don’t feel the way we want to feel. There are plenty of myths that keep us imprisoned. I could have easily made a list of 50 myths and beyond. There are many, often small, things that have enormous impact. The stories that we tell ourselves often subconsciously stop us from experiencing the brighter side of life. I start with these 10 + 1. These are, for starters, the basic misunderstandings that have become our myths. Not every one of them is necessarily your personal myth. Nevertheless it can be enlightening to look where there is a hint of them in your belief system that keep you locked in your humdrum reality, instead of being as Alive & Loving as you would like to... read more
3 Ways To Become More Sexually Open

3 Ways To Become More Sexually Open

Wauw, what a great experience the Wild Surrender & Soul Sexy Retreat in The Netherlands was last week. What a privilege again and again to help bringing people into their truth, power, sensitivity, sensuality and sexuality. This time a retreat co-teaching with De’a Matuka and with two amazing assistents: Maria Taari and Noes Butter. A retreat that people experience as truly life changing. Feeling how becoming sexually open really affects and empowers all levels of their lives. Sexually open men and women rock their and the world. And everybody could see & feel it. And now all of their friends, lovers, family can see & feel it too! I’ve heard beautiful stories already. So many transmissions of this wonderful life force energy in all of their lives, and into the world. Healing the world one woman, one man and one session or retreat at the time? Nope, it spreads much more, faster and easily. The only thing is: we all have got to keep it up. Keep on being sexually open, inspiring ourselves and others, healing our own world and the world around us. Why? The world is in need. We are. Sexually open people shine their light a lot more, and do what needs to be done from their core. Being sexually open is also about being sexually healthy, is also about making healthy choices and having lot’s and lot’s more fun & pleasure in life! In your own divine way, for a great divine life & planet.   So today I’m sharing  my next vlog: 3 Ways To Become More Sexually Open. Have a great sexual day!... read more
Innocent Intimacy – 5 steps to enter it instantly

Innocent Intimacy – 5 steps to enter it instantly

My blog today is a vlog! It has been a while, I know. I’ve been so busy with all other area’s of my work. Making lot’s of people happy with my work and learned a few new things myself! But here I am! I will share with you the beautiful topic of Innocent Intimacy through my very first video. So, I hope I will be excused for all things that can be better 🙂 I bet ya I will improve. I just wanted to share with you what can give you a good access into your own Innocence & Intimacy. With a video it’s easier than just through reading words. I have fun not listening too much to my perfectionist and ‘just’ put it out. Courageous me, don’t you think? Love to learn the finesses as I go. And I want to practice my ‘don’t get it perfect, get it going’. I think it’s important to go with what what makes you feel alive! This is. And you know, the topic is so beautiful! So, I hope you feel me loving sharing it with you as I guide you through the 5 steps of entering instantly the space of Innocent Intimacy. I recorded it on Ibiza. I have been on the magical island for over 2 months recently, working and connecting. An island to love, of love. I will be there more and more. And two of the workshops I gave was on Innocent Intimacy. I did one this time together with Shashi Solluna. We had a sweet space of melting into the depth of Innocent Intimacy with a group... read more



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