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VIP Online Treatment!


The basic program LOVE IQ is coming soon!


Taking the 5 aspects of Lovingness to the Next level!
Working with what you love at home, at your convenience, in your own space, at your own pace!

Yes, I am creating an Online Program!




So that you can be a Love-Adept right here, at your PC, laptop or tablet or even on your phone!
Easy access, simple and filled to the brim with information, interaction and … practice!

You will enjoy delving into the 5 aspects of Lovingness and you’ll learn to integrate it into your daily life right away taking the first steps into a mindblowingly different and more Soulful & Soulsexy lifestyle.


To experience more love, more vibrancy, more ‘turned on’-ness, more attractiveness than every before. To see more beauty, have more intimacy and more zest for life. To experience a whole new level of your manliness or your femininity.


I think that when you read this, you might want an upgrade of your (Love)Life and take that all important Next step. Or at least are curious to explore it.
You can.


In this unique program you will get 15 days worth of input to touch and deepen Lovingness in all 5 Aspects.


You’ll receive information, interaction and implement it in your daily life. YES!
And you follow the program daily, or more slowly if that’s what you want.
I guarantee that you will receive delicious content every day!
Everything to nurture and expand your LoveIQ


The 5 aspects of Lovingness offer a complete spectrum for Your Growth and will allow the Love-Adept in you to thrive.
All aspects will be part of the LOVE IQ program!


  1. Bring it on
    a zest for life, desire and pleasure


  1. Me & You
    man-liness and Woman-liness


  1. Love & Feel that body
    body awareness
  1. Connect & Go Deep
    experience intimacy and being full contact
  1. Making Love to Life
    sensitivity, sensuality, sexuality

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