10 mythes Academie voor Liefhebben Sandra Pijl

Myth 6: I want to experience more love and this is impossible without being in a (good) relationship


Key to deconstruction

Stop closing yourself off (consciously or subconsciously)!

Love is phenomenal and omnipresent. It’s multicolored and takes on many shapes. You only need yourself as a channel to experience it. When you are truly connected to yourself, to life itself and the people around you, you will always be able to allow lovingness and you will feel rich. A (good) relationship or a lover can help you experience the love inside you in a deeper way, but it can never bring it to you! (A True Lover cán give you loads of good things of course, and in each other’s presence it’s easier to connect to that deeper level of Lovingness!)

Love is. The only thing a person can do about it, is disconnect from it (feel seperate from it) or open up to it (feel connected). This is how you decide whether you’re plugged in to the love channel, or not.

  • Open: your senses take in everything as beauty and glory. It touches your heart, goes right through you. Inside you are at ease. You’re sensitive. Clear. Flexible. You feel Juicy.
  • Closed: you mostly see the ugly of something or someone. Everything seems grey, edgy or cold. Cramped. You are reserved towards people and things you have to deal with, different from healthy boundaries – those feel light.

Begin by opening yourself to all the love you have in and around you. Let it flow.
It will increase rapidly… becoming vibrant: Alive & Loving.

Reach out the the men and weomen around you, make sure you have human warmth surrounding you, we need that. It can take all kinds of shapes.
Self care… First aid for True Lovers! Take good care of yourself…

           A lovely hug a day keeps the doctor away..
And yes.. you can hug yourself too. A lot.


Sandra Pijl is... Puja Love.

Stay tuned for her new website and events under her new name and branding coming Spring 2018!

Create your
juiceful high quality
life & love

Let your intimate powers lead you.
Thrive in all aspects of your life


More english?
But I keep speaking and working in dutch and in Holland as well!
Feel welcome.

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